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We believe that being a better athlete involves more than simply training hard. Incorporating strength work will yield numerous benefits:


  1. Strength/weight training improves endurance.

  2. From your late 30’s and 40’s onwards, muscle wasting begins to occur for EVERYONE, and the result is force loss, which quickly affects pedaling efficiency. Strength/weight training makes up efficiency deficits that WILL occur with aging.

  3. Strengthening your muscles all over your body will help prevent injury: tiny balancing muscles are critical to preventing injury from your sport, or whatever else you do in life.

  4. Strength/weight training helps your body recover better between workouts: no stiff legs after a 100 km ride!

  5. Strength/weight training has the same beneficial effects on blood pressure and cholesterol as aerobic exercise.

  6. Women are more prone to bone and joint issues as they age: when you increase your muscle strength, you’ll improve your posture and support your joints.



But don’t just take our word for it: there is research, results and much written about all of the above. Here are some articles that support our belief that strength training is essential to your success as a cyclist, an athlete, and in general, for a healthy body as you age:


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Cross-training a key part of a runner’s regimen — especially as they age

The Globe and Mail


Is strength training associated with mortality benefits?


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