Cycling training and strength training COMBINED to make you a better athlete.


We are Steve Neal and Andrew Randell: friends and like-minded coaches who joined forces to open The Cycling Gym, a community for people to work out, have fun and train properly to meet their athletic goals, whatever those goals may be. We deeply love the sport of cycling and genuinely enjoy watching people improve and perform to the best of their abilities.



Cycling Training


“It’s best to keep things simple. People can really improve without getting too fancy.”

- Steve Neal


Our training is suitable for anyone—regular active people and elite athletes alike. With consistent training, we can help you get better:

  • Racers

  • Club Riders

  • Triathletes


We use common tools for training:

  • Your bike (road, MTB, tri-bike, cyclocross)

  • Computrainers

  • PerfPro (power-based training software)

  • Heart Rate Monitoring

  • Muscle Oxygen Saturation (Moxy) Sensors


The difference is, we know how to use these tools to create the best training recipe for each individual.


Everyone’s body is different. Our goal is for our members to train appropriately, applying the correct intensity to meet their athletic goals. We pay close personal attention to members while they are riding, ask how they feel throughout each workout and make adjustments to their program in the moment. Every month, we do new MAP (Maximum Aerobic Power) tests to measure progress and make adjustments so that our athletes can continue to improve.


“This is very much NOT a case of “I’m a champion: this is what I did; now you do it too.” We do not have people come in and smash it for an hour, several days a week. Sure, you can get fit quickly that way, but after six weeks you’re fried. As well as being too generic, the go-hard training plans that everyone follows are not sustainable for getting through a season without experiencing burnout or injury, for your body to stay healthy or to enjoy cycling over several years.” - Andrew Randell



Strength Training


No other indoor cycling training facility has this element: take advantage of our strength training program and take your fitness to a new level.


After years of experience racing and coaching, we strongly believe that we need to do more than just ride our bikes to reach our top athletic performance and maintain our overall health. Sports (such as cycling) and life conditions (such as sitting hunched at a desk working on a computer) cause all sorts of imbalances. We know that strength training—ideally for one hour, two to three times per week—will go a long way to fix these problems. We want you to be strong for your sport and for everything else you have to do in life.


“I totally wrecked my body from years of just riding. I want to prevent anyone I train from ending up in the same boat as me, and the way to do this is through strength training.” - Andrew Randell


“Throughout the years as a coach for cyclists, lacrosse and hockey players, I have seen so many people become much fitter and stronger than they ever thought they could be: they try strength training and like it, feel much healthier overall and they’re better in their sport with the results to prove it.” - Steve Neal


In small classes, we combine stretching and mobility exercises with traditional strength training such as the deadlift, the squat, strict press and horizontal push and pull. We modify and scale exercises to fit each member's individual strength and focus on proper form for everyone to execute the exercises safely. It is always a fun challenge: we promise that you’ll be working so hard there won’t be any time to be “bored with weights.”



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