The Cycling Gym by ARSN Inc. – Team Bylaws & Constitution


1. The Cycling Gym

1.1 The name of the club shall be: The Cycling Gym
1.2 This name shall be registered with the Government of Ontario under the requirements of the Corporations Act.
1.3 This name shall also be registered with the appropriate governing bodies of cycling sport.
1.4 Where necessary, such as on racing jerseys, the name may be abbreviated to TCG
1.5 In the following items the club means The Cycling Gym.



2.1 The club shall be registered with limited liability with the Government of Ontario.
2.2 The club shall be registered with the Ontario Cycling Association, and through this affiliation with the Canadian Cycling Association.
2.3 Club members may join other bodies without restriction provided that this is not precluded by either of the two affiliate organizations noted above.
2.4 Members joining other clubs must clearly inform all concerned clubs and must designate one as their first claim club, for whom they will participate in O.C.A. events.



3.1 The primary objective of the club shall be to foster and promote the sport and pastime of cycling in all its forms.



4.1 The management of the club shall be vested with the members of the racing team as approved by Executive.
4.2 The Executive may revoke or decline to renew the membership for any member who violates any of the club rules; or who otherwise behaves on a club event or website forum in a manner which seriously compromises the safety and/or enjoyment of the other participants; or who otherwise behaves in a manner which seriously compromises the team’s aims and philosophy as outlined in the mandate.



5.1 At present no fees shall be associated with joining the team, though this may change in the future.  

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