> Shaving 10min off a half-ironman



I want to send you a big thank you.  


This past winter was instrumental for me. I came to the gym as a weekend warrior with no direction. You gave me some guidance, and a real training regime. Over the winter the watts increased 33%! I dropped my time on the half ironman by 10 minutes. My development on the bike was huge and the Cycling Gym and you guys were a big part of that. 


I ended up finishing IM Tremblant this past weekend in 11:19 mins.  Looking back I probably should have cracked the 11 hr mark but not bad for a firs timer.    


To be honest, the 180km was easy. I probably held back a bit too much but needed to conserve the energy for the marathon. I ended up doing the 180km in 5hr47mins.  Came off the bike very fresh. 


Thanks for all the guidance this past winter. See you boys next week. Back at her for another round :)





> Crushing legs afer a winter on the airdyne

Despite knee surgery mid-winter Dennis still went out in the spring and blaseted his friends out on the mountain bike. Training at the gym helped get the knee strong before surgery and then sped along the rehab afterwards.

> A great video we dug up from last winter: stronger, better numbers and excited to get up at 5am (which is a little sick!)

> The fact that I can increase my watts by working on my triceps or by strengthening my core makes the time on the bike a much more enjoyable experience.

"In the summer of 2015, I spent a lot time doing group rides and general training, however I felt my personal performance was the same as the previous year and didn’t reflect my increased time commitment and was just not paying off. I decided to try the gym after hearing about some of the positive results from other riders. My initial goal was to try to keep my summer form and start the Sprint of 2016 in better shape. I quickly realized that not only would I be able to keep my summer form, I would be able to surpass it and even get stronger by a good number of watts. I can’t wait to get on the road and attack those hills.      


















At first, I had low expectations about the strength training but after a month I realized that not only did I enjoy the sessions, it was truly making a big difference in my performance—a total body approach to cycling versus just working on training my leg muscles. For example, the fact that I can increase my watts by working on my triceps or by strengthening my core makes the time on the bike a much more enjoyable experience. It was also interesting to learn that even after doing a hard VO2 training session, I am still able to do squats or deadlifts the next morning. Having sore muscles is not an excuse to skip a workout: if anything it’s an incentive, because it helps you in your recovery. It was such a positive experience that I have been going 5 days per week.

The people and the training philosophy are what make this gym so special. The coaches organize the strength sessions while keeping an eye on your performance on the bike and adjust your program as needed. It’s great having two personal coaches that have created a personalized training program and are there to help you achieve your goals. As well, training with the same members often and seeing everyone getting better is very encouraging and rewarding."


Giancarlo Rossi

> As a result of the small class sizes and their attention to detail, every class feels like a personal training session. Amazing value!!


"I joined The Cycling Gym in January 2016 after reading about them in blogto.com. Having never combined cycling classes with strength training, I was intrigued and excited about being able to do both at one facility.


From the initial communications to the tour to the introduction sessions, I was totally impressed. Steve and Andrew are incredible coaches with the perfect combination of knowledge, experience, enthusiasm, motivational skills and sense of humour. As a result of the small class sizes and their attention to detail, every class feels like a personal training session. Amazing value!!  


Workouts are switched up constantly to keep things interesting, challenging and everyone on their toes. It is a great atmosphere for training, regardless of your level or ability. I am going 5 days a week (3 cycling, 2 strength training) and after less than 2 months, have already noticed the positive impact to my energy levels, body tone and overall fitness.


After doing a half-Ironman a few years ago, I have struggled establishing annual goals and targets in addition to having a clear path to achieve them. While I have yet to establish my goals for 2016, I am very confident that the training I'm receiving at The Cycling Gym will allow me to achieve them."


Jeremy Fleming

> The precious little time I have to train is having maximum effect.


"As a busy, working exec with a passion for cycling—but never enough time—The Cycling Gym has added a great dimension to my training and the rhythym of my week. The 6:00 am workouts are killer to wake up for, but leave me feeling like I've already lived another day before my workday begins.


Moreover, the level of personal attention from Steve and Andrew and the degree to which workouts are customized to current fitness levels, gives me the confidence that the precious little time I have to train is having maximum effect.


What is equally impressive is that, while Steve and Andrew are real pros and love the numbers (as do I), they've created a wonderful vibe and a great, welcoming community at The Cycling Gym. And, as an aging athlete, I feel like they treat my goals and progress as just as valid and important as those of the younger, more elite athletes who will be spending more time on the podium than I!"


Ene Underwood



> A fantastic group of people


"The Cycling Gym has made such a difference in my life. Initially I joined for the cycling aspect, but it's the strength component that has ended up making the biggest impact for me. An incomplete rehab after knee surgery three years ago left me with a weak leg and chronic knee pain.

The Cycling Gym took up from where physiotherapy & my own efforts had left off & brought me so much further in a year than I ever thought possible.  I've come a long way from not even being able to lower myself onto a chair properly. My back squats doubled, my deadlifts tripled. My knee pain gradually subsided.  I have far more endurance and am stronger on my bike- but more importantly, I'm stronger in my everyday life.

Steve has been both patient and creative with finding ways to make me stronger in spite of my dodgy knee.  I've learned so much from both Steve and Andrew about how to push myself and to dig deeper than I thought I was capable of, both on the bike and during the strength workouts. I've learned what it feels like to work really, really hard- and about the mental & physical rewards that come along with that.

I also can't go without mentioning the incredible camaraderie at the gym: everyone is friendly and supportive and just happy to be there, working hard.  I look forward to spending time there- who wouldn't?  They're a fantastic group of people.  Joining The Cycling Gym has been an absolutely positive experience for me and I believe it would be for anyone. So go ahead and do it: join! Everyone can benefit by becoming a stronger, better version of themselves."


Steph Maunder
(You guys are awesome!)


> Expert, personalized, hands-on instruction

"For me, The Cycling Gym was the facility that I had been waiting for, and more. Expert, personalized, hands-on, instruction in both cycling AND overall physical fitness, which everyone knows they needs but few actually get. The camaraderie and support of fellow cyclists and coaches during workouts, which is particularly welcome in the depths of winter. A regimented, long term approach to training, versus a quick, smash it and burn out, approach."


Ron McEwen

> Huge progress in such a short period of time

Jamie Osborne

> What I really like is the atmosphere of encouragement


"As an active person who mountain bikes, snowboards, and who, several years ago, was pleasantly surprised to learn she liked group exercise, I have found the right fit at the Cycling Gym.


I started out with cycling classes and found my endurance improved dramatically, which led to greater achievements on technical terrain.  This alone would have been enough to keep me going, but what I really like is the atmosphere of encouragement for each person.


For me, what sets the Cycling Gym apart, is that I get the benefit of group training– making friends, the sense of commitment,  and the support of others who are “suffering” too – and with the added benefit of training that is modified to meet the needs of each person in the class.  I train regularly with people of varying fitness levels and some of whom, like myself, have restrictions in what types of exercises they can do.


In class we receive training, through exercise modifications, that suits our individual needs, within the group setting.  It’s not uncommon in a strength class to have 2 or more participants who are given a slightly different exercise within the set of exercises for that class.  By paying attention to the participants and ensuring each person is doing exercises that are safe for them, Steve and Andrew have created a training space where training really is for everybody.


Achieving and setting newer, more challenging, personal goals on the bike as a result of training at the Cycling Gym has been very rewarding. Doing it in a safe, supportive, and fun environment, is what keeps me coming back 5-7 hours a week!" 


Jane Letton

> I have become stronger all over (including core)

"As a keen road rider who has to do a lot of work to keep up with the people I ride with, my regular gym was just not meeting my needs from either cycling or weight training perspectives. Last fall I was looking for some expert help for training on the bike and core strengthening, so I was really happy when  The Cycling Gym opened!


Even after training for several months, I still feel like every session I do at the gym is enlightening in one way or another: I have learned a LOT (and that I was previously working on a lot of wrong information, ha). Andrew and Steve are hugely knowledgable, and this comes out every day in their very attentive approach to helping us improve.


Every time I've been tested, my MAP number has gone up 4%, and my endurance over (my typical) 130 km rides has massively improved: I feel strong and consistent throughout a ride with no bonkiness, even when the ride includes 12+ over-threshold efforts on rollers. That is a big change!


As well, I participated in the bike fit and pedal stroke clinic they held for members in the winter: with fine tuning over time, it has really helped increase my power and pedalling efficiency.


I have been doing strength classes two days a week since February, and I have become stronger all over (including core), which contributes to improved endurance on the bike. Another happy side effect is I no longer have tired aching legs after a long club ride! The strength classes are challenging, always different and much more fun than pulling weights by myself in a crowded gym.


It's a small gym so there is definitely a  community atmosphere with great people: very much like a cycling club. I think what a lot of people don't realize about TCG is that because it is small, the experience is very much like having daily personal coaching and training, which is extremely valuable.


I highly recommend working with Andrew and Steve at The Cycling Gym year round: you will achieve great results for yourself and it's just FUN. Can you say the same for months of Sufferfest in the basement???"


Emily Varty

> I decided to stick with their program and I´ve never looked back

"I joined The Cycling Gym in the fall after an intense summer focused on long distance triathlon. The training I had been doing left me in a physical mess and mentally exhausted.


Steve and Andrew helped me ease back into training with progressive cycling workouts geared towards improving my condition. They also encouraged me to include strength and conditioning classes to help me improve my muscle strength and flexibility. I wasn’t keen on the strength classes at first, but I decided to stick with their program and I’ve never looked back. Strength and conditioning classes have without a doubt helped me improve my power and endurance.  

In addition, the outdoor gym training rides have helped me become more comfortable with bike handling and hill-climbing.


Now, I’m no longer just surviving long rides, but excelling and enjoying every second in the saddle. The Cycling Gym has been a game changer." 


Cynthia Lee

> Strong start to the season


"Many of my riding mates have complimented my "strong" start to the season, feeling steadier on the road, able to complete greater distances without feeling exhausted. Continuing to learn from the deep knowledge pool at the cycling gym." 


Brian Summers

> Look forward to going to the Cycling Gym!


"I hate going to the gym…. but I look forward to going to the Cycling Gym!

(can’t believe I said that…)"


Chris Bryce

> My Perfect Training Environment

"It is hard to put into words how important this place has become to me over the past year. First, I have been challenged and pushed physically in such an excellent way – perfectly matched to what I needed for my improvement. Steve and Andrew have pushed me to improve while still respecting my limitations.


Second, the strength and mobility classes have worked wonders to improve my cycling. I have observed significant improvement in strength, which has directly translated into gains in my cycling ability.


Lastly, and most importantly, I interact five days a week with people that I consider family. Intensity, serious training, laughter, smiles and happiness in one location. This is my perfect extracurricular activity. This is my perfect training environment."


Debbie James

> I'm not a cyclist and I'm totally hooked on The Cycling Gym

Kate Hewlett

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