Summer club rides

This summer we'll be hosting our first series of "club rides".

Road Rides

The impetus to host these road rides comes from Andrew's desire to share his love of riding. Over the past several years Andrew has been doing these types of rides with his coaching clients, and they have helped him truly re-discover his love of cycling. There is nothing better than a well paced, two-by-two, group ride.

These rides will be controlled so that no one gets dropped and there is no need to wait. We will ride slowly on the hills and steady on the flats. We will be considerate of one another and offer proper drafting and shelter from the wind, aware of our pace the whole time and of the other riders in the group. While the ride will be controlled it will not be a beginners ride, consider this an intermediate ride. 

If we pace the ride properly we can all ride together without a need to stop and wait. There will be no Strava segments, no winners at the top of hills. Only good solid group riding and a nice coffee stop. 

To attend this ride you can have a current membership at the gym (Yearly, Summer Maintenance or Seasonal), a Cycling Gym club ride membership,  a Cycling Class 10-pack or a single class pass

Meeting place: The Rouge Valley Meander

These rides will start out near the Toronto Zoo. In that way we can enjoy the whole ride without the need to constantly stop at traffic lights. It is about a 20-30min drive to get there in the morning and not too bad coming home. 

Departure: 8am

Return to parking lot: 12pm

Pace: we are probably something like 24-28kn/hr

Distance: think time, 3.5-4hrs ish.

Road ride dates (please sign up on the schedule):

June 9

June 23

July 14

Aug 18

Sept TBD

Mountain Bike Rides

There will also be some mountain bike rides at Durham this summer. Dates are TBD and will be announced on Slack ahead of time.

As with the road rides these will be paced rides, endurance and tempo, for 2-3hrs without stopping. Steve will lead the group on some of his favourite loops. 

In order to participate on the club rides you will need one of the following:

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