INSCYD testing is for all athletes. Whether you are a club rider, Granfondo participant, mountain biker, cyclocross rider, triathlete or riding the track, if you want to improve then INSCYD testing is for you. 

With INSCYD you’ll get the full picture of your physical capacities and also a prediction of what sort of fitness you can achieve through proper training. 

Your fitness is composed of a variety of elements, each of which plays a role in your performance: 

•    VO2max

•    Anaerobic threshold

•    Lactate accumulation and recovery: understand how best to manage your intervals

•    Fat and carbohydrates combustion: understand your fuelling needs

•    Recovery 

•    VLamax (or glycolytic capacity): the maximal rate of lactate production

Alan Kriss of Ascent MGCC getting tested at TCG


With INSCYD you can see graphically the interaction of these elements and what each means for your fitness. Here is a comparison of two athletes

The Purple athlete burns 28% more fat and 26% less carbs during endurance than the Gold athlete.

Even though VlaMax is a maximal rate of lactate production measured, it also tells us a lot about the aerobic fat burning system.  If an athlete participates in more endurance focused aspects of cycling - such as road club rides and races or longer mountain bike rides and events - the this number needs to be lowered. The lower the VlaMax, the higher the athlete's Threshold and FatMax numbers can be.

Then take your test results and see what happens to your fitness if you change one of these elements. This is the predictive and motivational power of INSCYD. 


By lowering VlaMax through proper nutrition and training this athlete could achieve the following results. By changing VlaMax from the current .77 to .5 (broken line), and then to .3 (dotted line) you would see the improvements in the aerobic system below. An astonishing improvement in threshold from 257w up to 331w! 


One of the easiest ways to improve your performance is to fuel your exercise correctly. Do you wonder, “How many calories should I consume per hour in order to maintain my performance?” With INSCYD, you'll know. With an INSCYD test you can finally understand the interaction between your aerobic system and your fuelling needs.



We recommend getting one of the following discounted packs as you really want to follow up with a second or third test to see how the training has impacted your fitness. 


 2 tests for $615, 3 for 885, 4 for $1,125. 

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