These are the answers to the most common questions we get, but feel free to get in touch if you have to!

Isn't the gym expensive?


In fact it isn't. Comparatively within the GTA you get more at The Cycling Gym - the opportunity to do strength and cycling - than any of the other studios that offer indoor cycling. The Cycling Gym's memberships are also for unlimited class attendance, which breaks down to a very reasonable $18.68/class if you are coming four-times a month on the seasonal membership. 

What if I have never done strength work?


That doesn’t matter. Everyone starts at a level appropriate to their ability and builds from there. Contact us for an intro session where you can get a sense of things.



Do I need my own bike?


Yes. At the gym you will ride your own bike on one of our trainers. In this way you are riding your bike in the position that you will ride out on the road.

Can I leave my bike at the gym?


We offer free bike storage to members who are on a monthly plan. If you want to take out a 10-pass for the cycling classes and leave your bike at the gym we offer bike storage for $35/month.

I’m new to cycling, is that OK?


Absolutely. People of all abilities are training at the gym. That is one of the great things about the training, everyone works to their appropriate resistance. And within the class setting we manipulate the numbers based on each person’s experience that day.

How many times a week is appropriate?


We suggest coming four days a week. That will give you the opportunity to train in both the cycling and strength areas. If you only want to train your cycling fitness then three days a week is appropriate.

I race and want to get faster. Can the gym help me?


Absolutely. The workouts are challenging and you will be working to your appropriate level. We have had numerous accomplished racers - mountain bikers, roadies and triathletes - that have come to the gym and found their racing improved. As one of them said, "you can teach old dogs new tricks!".

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