Are you looking to get faster, keep up with your friends and enjoy your riding more? Then our gym is the answer.

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ExperienceToronto's premier cycling training facility. Our training and coaching philosophy is unique, applying a proven training methodology that you won't find anywhere else in Toronto. The cycling workouts are managed using your power, heart rate, cadence and respiration, making for an individualized experience within the class setting.


You can use practically any bike on our trainers and come from any discipline of cycling: road, mountain, cyclocross, triathlon or commuter.


What you need:


  • Bike (road, mountain, cyclocross, tri)

  • ANT+ enabled heart rate monitor/chest strap: Garmin or Wahoo

  • Cycling clothing (shorts and jersey)

  • Cycling shoes

  • Water bottles, food and gels if needed


Getting started


Book a free intro so that you can come in and chat with us about the gym. We can answer your questions and at the same time put you through a mini workout. This initial evaluation is a ramp test to determine your MAP (Maximum Aerobic Power) and maximum heart rate.


At the gym we use both power and heart rate data to guide the workouts. The initial evaluation will give us the numbers we need to get your started in class. By using both power and heart rate you will get the best response to your training. It also allows you to see when and how you are getting better. Can you push the same watts for longer without the heart rate going up? You're better. Can you push more watts at the same heart rate? You're better. Using power and heart rate may seem outdated to some but this training technique works - old school is new school. 


Book your FREE INTRO to get started.


Whether you are a seasoned cyclist, a racer, or someone looking to learn how to ride better The Cycling Gym is a great place to train. Within a cycling class everyone can be doing the same workout, but by using minor tweaks for each athlete theywill all get the best out of the day. As we get to know you we'll alter the classes slightly so that you get the best training results.


We have all types of athletes training here: triathletes getting ready for an Iron Man; mountain bikers who have been riding for years, and roadies who are club riders or serious racers. Everyone has seen their fitness improve. 


What is a cycling class like?


Bring in your favourite playlist! Hop on your bike and chat with the other people in the class while you warm up. Everyone has their own window on the monitor with the interval program and data such as heart rate, cadence and speed numbers displayed. The chatting peters out once the intervals get going and the real work begins.


We program workouts to train different zones and systems. The coaches are there while the class is on, watching everyone’s heart rates and checking in, asking people how they are feeling throughout the ride. They will encourage you to monitor your breathing and practice breathing technique to improve your respiration. Occasionally, they will decide to dial back the power if you’re tired or your heart rate rises above the appropriate training zone. When the program is finished, you hop off, chat, shower, change, go home, go to work. It’s amazing how much highly efficient work you can accomplish in an hour and a half of riding on the trainer. We also have rollers available for an even more leg-intensive workout.



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