Gold Membership

The Gold Membership combines the best of both worlds - personalized coaching along with a membership at the gym. Maintain your connection to The Cycling Gym community, participate in the classes, do your strength training, all with the individualized training you have been looking for to best help you achieve your goals.  


Included in the Gold Membership:

  • an individualized training plan

  • three metabolic tests per year (additional tests at 50% off)

  • one hour private consult with the coach each month

  • unlimited email contact with the coach

  • access to a private forum for Gold Membership clients

  • training software (Training Peaks or Xert)


Only 5 spots available


The individualized training plan: your training will be tailored to your needs, goals and schedule. The plan will be built around your abilities and needs as an athlete. Then adjusted as needed to match changes in your fitness, healthy and training availability. This is the most effective way to work towards being the best rider you can be.


Three metabolic tests per year: the metabolic testing done at the gym uses a unique protocol. The testing will give us exact training zones to use in your training, improve the accuracy of your training, and allow us to track changes in your fitness.


One hour private consult each month: an excellent opportunity to discuss how your training has been going and plan upcoming training. When done in person this is a much more efficient and personal service.


Unlimited email contact: combine unlimited email contact with the monthly consult and you will have excellent communication with the coach.


Private forum: using a forum will allow you to ask questions of the coach while at the same time learning from the experience of others.


Training Software: access the software needed to best manage your training program and data


Our expectations of you:


  • keep your coach informed as to your weekly training availability so that your training can be planned accordingly around your personal schedule.

  • be honest with your time availability above!

  • fill out your daily comments in the training software with your personal feelings towards your workout that day - the data only tells part of the story.

  • communicate in a timely fashion if your schedule changes so that the coach can modify your training for the remainder of the week (if your life changes we would like to accommodate the plan to best fit these changes).

  • fill out manual training stress in the training software if you don’t train with a powermeter all of the time (the coach will show you how to do this).


Working with a coach requires that you take personal responsibility to communicate in a timely manner and maintain the data needed to track your training. In this way you can maximize what you get out of the training program.


Including the following in your training and daily life will enhance the coaching:

  • a powermeter on the bike you train on the most

  • Track your personal daily stress with an HRV app approved by the coach


These additional training tools are optional but can be integrated into your coaching to further enhance the programming.


Monthly Value of a Gold Membership

Coaching                                                                                    $599

Cycling Gym Monthly Membership, Annual                       $275

Metabolic Test (3/year)                                                           $75

Training Software                                                                     $25

Total                                                                                           $1799

Gold Membership $599


The Gold Membership requires a yearly commitment, billed monthly.

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