A bike fit at The Cycling Gym is different from the common bike fit at your local bike shop. People want a standard system, but we believe that to be effective long-term, the process has to be slightly different for each person. Thus, we focus on both the rider and the bike: you are an active learning participant in the bike fitting process, with a direct hand in working towards your optimal set-up.

What can I expect from a bike fit at The Cycling Gym?


Our process consists of two appointments to complete the fit.


STAGE ONE: At the first appointment, we will:


  • Analyze your feet in your shoes: we find where joints and bones are positioned in your shoes and adjust cleat positioning to alleviate problems and put your foot in the best position for your common riding conditions.

  • Analyze your pedal stroke: this is a huge component of the bike fit as we see so many people come in with classic (problematic) pedal strokes.

  • Watch how you ride, observing foot angles, knee positioning and your overall posture. We’ll get out the laser level and take videos to help explain what’s happening for you on the bike—so you can see what we see.

  • Perform different tests to assess your body’s mobility.

  • Make incremental adjustments based on your mobility to your saddle's height and position along with handlebar position while ALSO teaching you how to practice and achieve the most efficient pedal stroke.

  • Often, you will need to improve your mobility to reach the best bike fit: we will show you how to do simple daily stretches to achieve ideal positioning.

  • Depending on your individual quirks, we will make several adjustments while you ride on the trainer with about 15 minutes of riding to test each adjustment.




  • You go home and do a few rides, practice the new pedal stroke technique and see how it works for you. You will also do the daily stretches we taught you to work on your mobility.

  • With a few weeks of riding and stretching, you will have improved your mobility and you will come back for an hour appointment to do some fine-tuning.


Price: $300


To book your bike fitting, or if you have any questions, contact us.



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