Welcome to The Cycling Gym

Toronto's only facility offering both cycling and strength training

Cycling Classes

Your cycling classes will be professionally led every single time.

This will allow you the confidence to challenge yourself appropriately with the help of the coaches.

Factors in your classes will be power, heart rate, cadence and respiration.  The coaches will help individualize your training session using the above parameters.

The great thing is that everything you learn in class can be used in rides outside the gym.  You will never stop learning at The Cycling Gym!

Strength Classes

Your inclusion of strength training is a very healthy choice.

Often life and cycling can cause imbalances that can lead to discomfort or possibly injury.

If you attend the Strength Classes on a consistent basis your performance will increase and you will feel much better in life.

Strength Training is what will allow you to cycle further into your late years. Don't wait to get started any longer this is the new way to train!




Other Great Services

Other benefits you can take advantage of at The Cycling Gym in Toronto are:

Metabolic Testing

Available to you is a variety of testing tools that no one else in Toronto has.

VO2, lactate, moxy monitor, metabolic cart, and respiration.

All of which can be combined during The Cycling Gym test protocol to give you the most accurate information about your performance and training zones than any other. No one else in Toronto offers this level of service.

Bike Fitting

A bike fit at The Cycling Gym is different from the common bike fit at your local bike shop.

People want a standard system, but we believe that to be effective long-term, the process has to be slightly different for each person. Thus, we focus on both the rider and the bike: you are an active learning participant in the bike fitting process, with a direct hand in working towards your optimal set-up.